In response to changes in third party reimbursements, we are excited to introduce new products to you and your physicians on the attached RX Pad! These new products continue to represent cutting edge options to treat pain and migraines while maintaining GREAT MARGINS.

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We have created an updated Script Pad Walk Through that has the clinical highlights of all medications available on the script pad and I am available for calls with your teams and physicians. Calls can be schedule here:


Dr. Brandon Hendrickson. Pharm-D

Xrylix is replacing Lexitral as our primary option that provides Diclofenac solution. Xrylix should have an average net adjudication in the range of $2000 per kit with the average patient needing 2 kits for a 30 day supply.

Prizopak is being added as an alternative to the Livixil which is still successfully adjudicating 25% of the time. Prizopak contains the exact combination of ingredients as Livixil but is being covered on plans that are currently excluding Livixil. Prizopak should have a slightly higher net adjudication than Livixil with an average net adjudication around $1250 per pak. We anticipate average net adjudications in the range of $1500-2000 per pak

PHN Pak is our new primary patch option, replacing ZRM patches. The PHN Pak contains Lidocaine 5% patches along with a moisturizing cream and is a great option for patients to use at night. The average net adjudications should be similar to ZRM, around $1500 per pak with patients needing multiple packs for a 30 day supply.

Most physicians (and patients) are seeing the best results when writing for Xrylix, Prizopak AND PHN Pak. This combination ensures that a patient receives all possible options to treat their pain symptoms

Migranow has been added as the new primary medication for migraines. This great pak combines the top prescribed oral migraine medication (Sumitripan 50mg tablet) along with a topical roll-on medication that has been demonstrated to improve migraine symptoms. This pak is non-controlled so can be written by any provider.

Migranal is another tried and true migraine treatment that we now have available to providers. This medication is a nasal spray designed to be used at the onset of a migraine and is NOT a controlled mediation. It serves as a great alternative to the Migranow pak and we expect reimbursements in the range of $500-1000 per box. This medication is available as a generic (dihydroergotamine nasal spray) so patients will have a very low copay.

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